CCG Contest Logger

Why Tucnak?

Tucnak is the natural successor to TACLog.

Tucnak was originally developed, by OK1ZIA, to execute on "Linux" and other UNIX-like operating systems. Alongside this was a 'reduced functionality' version integrated with the 'Cygwin' library that could be run under Microsoft Windows® XP.
Tucnak provides all the features of TACLog but runs on modern machines/laptops using non-specific hardware and integrated sound cards. In addition, there are new features that support modern multiplier schemes, networked multi-band operation and HF!
In early 2012 the code-base was forked to extend the functionality to native Windows®.
This version was well received by those unwilling or unable to deploy a linux O/S and has since been back-ported to linux to produce a truly unique, free-text entry, cross-platform V/UHF logger with inter-O/S messaging and log integration when all instances running are networked together.
2013 saw the introduction of an early 'Android' -based release seen to be viable on both `Smartphones` and tablets.
The software is being continuously updated with new features and scoring modules for additional contest schemes.

You can download Tucnak via The Tucnak 'Wiki'

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