What it does: LookUp finds data presented to it on the command line in a custom list of stations known to be QRV on the "higher bands". It may also be directed to run against either "TACLOG.TXT" - the default output from C_W.EXE from within the TACLog system - or a file of your own choice.

Why? Lookup was designed to run from the 'DOS Prompt' to provide a quick 'lookup' from a file, maintained by the Villa CG, containing records of call, locator and higher band(s) QRV.
Using 'command line switches' you may limit the lookup to a single (higher) band. This version has been extended to call on the default file - "QRVSHF.TXT" - and either 'TACLOG.TXT' - the output file from 'C_W.EXE' - or an alternative file of your own choice.

I regret that 'LookUp' displays only the data that you have provided, doing no heading direction or QRB processing. We find it useful in a multiband contest when hearing 70cms working a station to use the program to remind us whether that station is QRV on 23cms, 13 or higher for example.
This version of 'LookUp' needs the TEXT-ONLY version of 'TACLOG.C_W' obtained by running "C_W.EXE" against your .C_W file. The output is called 'TACLOG.TXT' by default.

The package runs only on Win32 systems and is downloadable from the link below. It comes with a "help" file - called from the program - which gives assistance in setting up your own Data files.

Those of you with a working installation of PERL (on any operating system) may request a copy of the source using the 'M1CRO' TACLog FAQ Query Submission Form.
Please fill out the form and submit to allow me to process your request. Both the compiled program and the source are freely available under the Free Software Foundation GNU Public Licence.
I trust that you find it useful.

Tip: LOOKUP.EXE MUST be run in a DOS box (W9x, WinNT). Run the program with no arguments for 'Usage/Help'.

Download: LookUp.ZIP [V32.08]

LookUp is compiled with "Perl2Exe" by: IndigoStar