What it does: GetLOCS.EXE operates on a list - in any (text) format - and extracts to file or screen ONLY those lines containing a FULL - 6 Chatacter - WWL.

Why? I find that DXMon's `dxspots.txt` or a download from my local DX Cluster can be a valuable source of CALL <> WWL data. Too often, however, there are abundant entries that do not contain relevant data - a full, 6 character WWL. This program processes the input list and creates a new file of the records required. Output can also be "paged" to the screen.
Screen output may be reverse piped into the (DOS) FIND command to quickly search for a particular item:

	FIND "G1OGY" < getlocs.exe c:\dxmonv92\dxspots.txt

	FIND "JO49MM" < getlocs.exe f:\data\cluster.txt
GetLOCS will also painlessly "clean up" your TACLOG.TXT file - the output will contain no records with just Field+Square!
(<20 seconds for a 2.5 Mb file)

This version - for Win32 systems only - may be downloaded (320Kb) from the link at the foot of this page.
Those of you with a working installation of PERL (on any operating system) may request a copy of the source using the 'M1CRO' TACLog FAQ Query Submission Form.
Please fill out the form and submit to allow me to process your request. Both the compiled program and the source are freely available under the Free Software Foundation GNU Public Licence.
I trust that you find it useful.

Tip: GetLOCS.EXE MUST be run in a DOS box (W9x, WinNT). Run the program with no arguments for 'Usage/Help'.

Download: GetLOCS.ZIP [V1.11]

GetLOCS is compiled with "Perl2Exe" by: