What it does: FormatC-W takes a list of Callsign, locator(s) and (optionally) QSO-Date records and formats them correctly for conversion to .C_W format for merging with your existing TACLOG.C_W file.

Why? When compiling new Taclog Call/Locator data from diverse (electronic) sources I tend to use Microsoft Access to read and manipulate the raw data.
The hoops you need to jump through to get accurately formatted export data from Access are too many for me so I have written a program (in Perl) that takes a list of call, locators (one or two) and optionally qso-date and formats it correctly for .C_W file input.
ie: Here is an example of Access data copied into Notepad. The whitespace between elements are 'tabs'. No good for C_W.exe and not properly spaced and with qso-date data missing too:

	DF0TEC/P	JO73CF	20000709

Here is the output from FormatC_W - ready to merge with the main .C_W file:

	               *        *        *
	         1         2         3         4

	DF0ILM         JO50ML            20001031
	DF0TEC/P       JO73CF            20000709
	OK1AIY/P       JO70SQ   JO70TP   20001031

I have compiled a new version - for Win32 systems only - which maybe downloaded (350Kb) from the link at the foot of this page.
Those of you with a working installation of PERL (on any operating system) may request a copy of the source (48 lines !BIG!) using the 'M1CRO' TACLog FAQ Query Submission Form.
Please fill out the form and submit to allow me to process your request. Both the compiled program and the source are freely available under the Free Software Foundation GNU Public Licence.
I trust that you find it useful.

Tip: FormatC_W.EXE MUST be run in a DOS box (W9x, WinNT). Run the program with no arguments for 'Usage/Help'.

Download: FormatC_W.ZIP [V3.01]

FormatC_W is compiled with "Perl2Exe" by: