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Amateur Radio (v/u/shf) contest activities & results

Affiliated to Colchester Radio Amateurs
Photo:G0VHF/P QSL Card
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What's Next

2020 Contest Season

RSGB 432MHz AFS Contest

Date: 20200202
Time: 09:00Z - 13:00Z
Loc: TBA
Rig: TBA

RSGB March 144/432MHz Contest

Date: 20200307-08
Time: 14:00Z - 14:00Z
Loc: JO01PU
Rig: QRV 144 & 432MHz

RSGB 432MHz-245GHz Contest [M1CRO/P]

Date: 20200502-03
Time: 14:00Z - 14:00Z
Loc: JO01PU
Rig: QRV: 70,23,13,9,6,3,1.2 cm
Date: 20200502
Time: 14:00 - 22:00Z

RSGB 432MHz Trophy Contest [M1CRO/P]

RSGB 10GHz Trophy Contest (M4) [M1CRO/P]

RSGB 144MHz May Contest [M1]

Date: 20200516-17
Time: 14:00 - 14:00Z
Loc: JO01PU
Rig: QRV
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